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Posted on Sep 23rd by Satoshi Katada

The traditional design of Rwanda "Imigongo"

I haven't introduced it on my blog yet, but this spring I visited Rwanda in Africa.There were so many surprises during my visit that I couldn't stop writing them down, and I was fascinated by the traditional art of "Imigongo".

Rather than being beautiful, this design is simple yet powerful and eye-catching. The work itself is quite large, and it is difficult to expand sales of the actual product, but I thought I could introduce the design.

I wanted to introduce ”Imigongo”, we have decided to make eco bag with Imigongo design. The design of bag has been decided with the advise of Ms.Kato, who is doing a field survey of Imigongo in Rwanda, and whom we met in Rwanda.

TICAD8 held in Tunisia at the end of August this year. The Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group also had a booth and held seminars and parties. At the event, we decided to distribute eco bags with the imigongo pattern that we made. The material of this eco bag is quite good, so I would like to sell it as a novelty item for companies and the general public.