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Offshore & LNG Related Business / LNG Bunkering

Shipping Service / Offshore & LNG Related Business / LNG Bunkering


With the market’s trust by over 40 years of LNG transport experiences, we have entered Off-Shore Business. MOL received the order for Indonesia’s first coastal shuttle transport project and took part in Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) project in 2010, and participate in 8 projects off Brazil and each 1 off Ghana and Mexico.

In the subsea business field, MOL has entered into the operation of the subsea supporting ship which supports operation related to survey of subsea oil and gas fields, to installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and decommission of subsea facilities. In 2017, we entered the renewable energy business through involvement a company that operates Wind Turbine Installation Ship.

Until February 2021, the world's largest FSRU "MOL FSRU Challenger" was in operation in Turkey. Since then, we will participate in new projects such as India and Hong Kong. FSRU will continue to be one of our important businesses.

LNG Bunkering

MOL has also announced that it will aim to achieve zero emissions of marine fuel by 2050. Zero emissions cannot be achieved by using petroleum-derived LNG fuel, but LNG, which is far more environmentally friendly than heavy oil, will be the main fuel for new vessels to be completed. MOL, which owns the world's largest LNG transport fleet, not only owns and operates LNG-fueled vessels, but also participates in fuel supply infrastructure. It was completed. We have also decided to participate in the business in Singapore, and will continue to actively work on the LNG fuel supply business.

MOL Turkey's Ambition

MOL is doing several LNG related business in Turkey and MOL Turkey think that LNG Bunkering is needed in East Med Region and considering geographical situation, Small LNG Carrier with the capability of LNG Bunkering is suitable for this market. Turkey has found the New Gas/Oil Field in Black Sea and if we have chances, MOL Turkey would like to support this project. MOL Turkey can provides the solutions for LNG related business with the experiences of MOL.


  • 94 vessels
  • 7679 k dwt
  • Fleet size world rank 1.
  • First ice breaking LNG carrier

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