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Liquid Cargo - Chemical

Logistic Service / Liquid Cargo - Chemical


As the one of biggest tanker operator, we have decided to enter “Liquid Cargo Logistics” field. MOL has established the joint venture company with Nippon Concept Corporation (NCC) who is an international logistics corporation that specializes in the transport of liquid cargo and various types of gases including chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) by a unique service door-to-door international multimodal transport.

MOL Chemical Tankers (MOLCT) with almost 50 years of experience is one of the major Chemical Tanker operators in the world and they operate more than 90 tankers. MOLCT has changed from Shipping Company to Logistics Company who is well on track to vertically integrate on the chemical logistics supply chain. Their initiatives include investments in liquid bulk terminals (SEA-MOL Tank Terminal), and global ISO-Tank logistics service provider (Den Hartogh). By synergizing with complementary service providers, they aim to provide value added services through improved asset utilization, inventory management, logistics chain visibility. Across their chemical logistics value chain, MOLCT commits to maintain focus on safety, and long-term operational expertise.

*From MOLCT Web site

*From MOLCT Web site

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

At present, the Liquid Cargo Logistics of MOL is not so active in this region but MOL Turkey would like to find the reliable Liquid Logistic partner and expand the Liquid Cargo Logistics here in near future. And in the next stage, MOL Turkey will develop other markets than Turkiye with the partner of Turkiye.

MOL Turkey try to expand the Liquid Bulk Business not only international but also domestic business with the partner of the Turkiye. MOL Turkey intends to do the liquid cargo logistics by domestic liquid bulk tank ships and tank trailers.

With using the know-how of Liquid Bulk Cargo Logistics, we would like to expand LNG Logistics. Turkiye is the Energy Transit Hub and have many pipelines, one of the biggest refineries and many chemical companies.Number of such Logistics will increase very much in near future, MOL Turkey will also promote Logistics service using Tanks for Gas/Liquid in this region.

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