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Dry Bulk / Wood Chip

Shipping Service / Dry Bulk / Wood Chip


MOL is one of the world’s largest operators of Dry Bulk Vessels. Our operating fleets are more than 200 and 84 vessels are in the biggest class Cape size bulkers for carrying Iron Ore and Coking Coals. Another 98 vessels are Panamax/Handymax/Small handy class vessels for carrying all type of Dry Bulk cargoes. And MOL operates 36 specialized wood chip carriers for Paper Mills and MOL is the biggest wood chip carriers in the world. Wood chip carriers can carry the light cargo like soybean meal etc. as back hall cargo.

MOL has promoted the tailor-made vessels for meeting various customer needs with a range of specialized carriers which designed and constructed for specific cargo characteristics and conditions at loading/unloading ports. These vessels include iron ore carriers that have become successively larger, coal carriers tailored to the needs of specific ports. MOL’s diverse fleet includes not only specialized carriers but also bulk carriers of all sizes, giving us the flexibility to meet the needs of different trades with top-quality transport service, anywhere to everywhere, all over the world. MOL’s dry bulker service is constantly evolving to meet diverse customer needs with safer operations and a higher quality of service.

MOL is also challenging to promote the Enviromentally Friendly Technologies into our operating ships like using LNG fueled engine, using wind power by equipping multiple sails on board and equipping the system of collecting floating sea garbage in the Ocean.

Wind Challenger

The Wind Challenger is a telescoping hard sail that converts wind energy to propulsive force. Installation of the system on merchant ships has the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of vessel operation while improving economic efficiency.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

MOL has announced to establish the new Bulk Carriers company merging MOL Kinkai who mainly operates Multi-Purpose Vessels and Small-size Bulkers. Bigger-size Bulker like Panamax/Cape are managed by our London office, but Small-size Bulkers and Multi-Purpose Vessels are mainly operated in Asian Waters. MOL Turkey would like to bring the services by Smaller Vessels in this region for supporting Export and Import of Bulk Cargoes/Steel Products/General Cargoes/Project Cargoes etc. for Turkey and surrounding countries.


  • 263 vessels
  • 24844 k dwt
  • Fleet size world rank 4

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