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Car & RORO Cargo

Logistic Service / Car & RORO Cargo


As MOL is the first Car Carrier vessel operator, MOL provides services not only for any kind of vehicles but also various cargoes like machinery by using special trailers in shipping service.

Not only shipping, as one of the biggest PCC operators, MOL has started many related services for Finished Car in various places.

And not only cars but industrial machineries can be carried as well.

MOL is operating Transporting/Car Yard Management in Thailand/India/China and Pre-Delivery Inspection and small works for Vehicles in China/Philippines.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

Turkiye is one of the biggest production countries of motor vehicles, there are many chances for logistics for motor vehicles. Now MOL doesn’t do any logistics services to motor vehicle industries however MOL operated multi-functional car yards before in Derince Port but MOL could not continue the operation after privatization. However, we have not abandoned the ambition to participate in automobile logistics again. In the near future, we will definitely participate in automobile logistics.

MOL Turkey strongly hopes to operate the multi-functional car yards again in another ports in addition to the shipping service. And MOL Turkey is pleased to provide other logistic services to Auto Mobile Industries with collaboration with Turkish Logistic Companies.

In Turkiye, Used Cars are prohibited to Import and Export. Domestic Trade of Used Cars does not look so systematic as well. In Japan, Used Car Trade is very active and very systematic, considering the increase of car ownership, such Used Car Trade will be more active. MOL Turkey is willing to bring such Used Car Trade System to Turkiye in future.

Not only Motor Vehicles, MOL Turkey would like to be involved in the logistics of Construction Machineries, Rail Wagon and agricultural machineries etc. which can be carried by RORO vessels.

Other Logistic Services