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Bulk Cargoes

Logistic Service / Bulk Cargoes


Bulk cargoes mostly consist resources of our essential daily life materials. From edibles such as grains and salts to raw materials, coals, and iron ores. Products such as cement and fertilizers are transported with bulk carriers and loaded on the specialized trucks. As MOL group we offer shipping services with the various type of Bulk Carriers and work seamlessly with the land logistics like land transport, port handling, warehousing, and packing of cargo by the wish of the Customers.

Turkiye - The Hub for distributing of Bulk Cargoes in the region

Turkiye is a transit country to most of the bulk cargoes. Mediterranean area is a very strategical for such resources to transported to Middle East, Aegean and Black Sea area is very developed, and many producers are importing raw materials. Needless to say that demand and services in Turkiye will grow more and more as the neighboring markets develops.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

MOL does not have much presence in this market and even if there are cargo, we cannot supply the tonnage for such requirement. MOL Turkey want to make Bulker to call Turkish Port frequently. In this connection, MOL Turkey would like to invest into the port in Turkiye for making the Hub for distributing bulk cargoes. If we have such Hub, we can invite more Bulk vessels to Turkiye.

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