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Tanker (Oil, Product, Chemical, LPG)

Shipping Service / Tanker (Oil, Product, Chemical, LPG)


MOL is one of the shipping companies with the largest sizes of a tanker fleet in the world and develops business quickly. MOL’s fleet includes large-scale crude oil tankers (over 200,000 DWT), known as very large crude oil carriers (VLCCs) and mid-size tankers, known as Aframax-class vessels, which help to realize stable supply of crude oil and product oil. Our fleet also has various types of vessels that meet specific cargo characteristics. Product tankers that transport refined petroleum products such as gas oils, naphtha, and gasoline. Methanol is one of Chemical cargoes but Cargo size is big and we have decided to arrange the dedicated methanol tanker in early 1980’s. MOL is the first operator of Methanol tanker and operates 20 Methanol Tankers now and the biggest operator in the world. Chemical Tankers are operated by “MOL Chemical Tankers(MOLCT)” which is subsidiary of MOL. MOLCT operates 89 Chemical Tankers in the range from 30K to 8K. The Tankers are running between Europe/Middle East/Asia/North America regularly. MOLCT has changed from Shipping Company to Logistics Company for Liquid Chemicals. MOLCT have invested into the European Tank Container Operator (Den Hartogh) and entered into the Tank Terminal Business with Belgian Terminal Operator (SEA Tank Terminal Antwerp N.V.). MOL has acquired 15% of the issued shares of Nippon Concept who is an international logistics company specializing in various gas transportation such as liquid freight and Freon gas. They are providing a unique service called "International Combined Transport of Gas Door To Door" and "Liquid freight and various types" that arrange the optimum combination of various transportation means and routes from the shipping source to the delivery destination. Furthermore, in order to strengthen cooperation between the two companies, the three companies including MOL Logistics will establish a new joint venture to strengthen the logistics of liquid cargo.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

Tanker Business Activity in this region is not so active but MOL Turkey would like to develop Tanker related business in Turkey. Turkey has one of the biggest refineries and has many chemical companies. Surrounding countries like Ukraine export so much Edible Oil. We think that there are many chances of tank container business. In near future, MOL Turkey will expand liquid cargo logistics.

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  • 158 vessels

  • 16003 k dwt

  • Fleet size world rank 4.

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