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Shipping Service / Powership


Powership is ship or barge mounted, fully integrated floating power plant. With wide ranges of installed capacities for utility size operations and no completion or construction risk, Powerships are ready for power generation within a short period of time. Power is fed directly into the transmission network from the onboard High Voltage substation, not requiring any land acquisition.

Powership is a fast track solution that delivers electricity in 90 days. It is also high efficient using the most economical fuel available in the market and with a higher efficiency compared to similar solutions that lead to an economical generation cost. Powerships are also integrated and provides main services on board such as accommodation, fuel storage, O&M and point of connection to the grid.

KARPOWERSHIP is the only owner, operator and builder of the first Powership fleet in the world. Since 2010, 25 Powerships have been completed with total installed capacity exceeding 4,100 MW. Additional 4,400 MW of Powerships are either under construction or in the pipeline.

KARPOWERSHIP is a member of Karadeniz Energy Group in Turkey, who is one of the biggest Energy Producer in Turkey. The group owns and operates more than 4,350 MW installed capacity globally.

Starting from the design, and ending with delivery of electricity, KARPOWERSHIP fully executes all activities in-house including but not limited to construction, site preparation, commissioning, and fuel supply. Utilizing the highest technology, Karpowership provides fast-track delivery, high efficiency, and all integrated “plug&play” project execution. Via these capabilities, Karpowership is able to successfully undertake a variety of commercial structures such as short term IPPs (Independent Power Producer), long-term IPPs, PPAs (power purchase agreements), and rental contract with its Powership fleet.

Powerships supplied and have been supplying 60% of Gambia, 26% of Ghana, 100% of Guinea Bissau, 10% of Guinea, 25% of Lebanon, 10% of Mozambique, 15% of Senegal, 80% of Sierra Leone, 10% of Sudan, 10% of Cuba, 30% of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, 55% of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, 80% of Ambon, Indonesia, 10% of Medan, Indonesia, and 16% of Zambia’s and 30% of Southern Iraq’s total electricity generation.

Powerships have been operated by Heavy Fuel Oil, but considering the environment issues like reducing Green House Gas etc, KARPOWERSHIP have decided to utilizing Natural Gas instead of Heavy Fuel Oil and adopted the latest dual fuel engine technology, operating in combined cycle mode to maximize efficiency. Fuel flexibility through Low Sulfur HFO, Natural Gas or LNG ensures the lowest cost of delivered power with no capital outlay.

For expanding the "LNG-to-Powership"KARPOWERSHIP has decided to make a cooperation with MOL.

MOL has the long experience of LNG Transportation and LNG related business like FSRU, MOL and KARPOWERSHIP have established the Joint Venture “KARMOL” for developing “LNG-to-Powership" solutions in the world and JV has already started to the preparation for the projects in Mozambique and Senegal. Our converted FSRU will be delivered to both countries to start producing power from LNG.

MOL Turkey will propose the "LNG to Powership" solution for providing the electricity with reducing Global Warming. For example, instead of the Low Efficient Coal-Fired power plant, "LNG to Powership" Solution can be the alternative as the temporal solution for new powerplant or eternal solution.

MOL Turkey hope that "LNG to Powership" solution shall be major of the power supply in the world in near future.

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