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The raw materials like iron ore, coal usually carried by the big size bulk carriers and the finished products like steel and machinery which cannot fit in the containers are transported by our multipurpose vessels (MPP) and Mini/Small Bulkers. These types of vessels can ensure you cost efficiency while carrying the goods in safety with high volume and cheaper price. Mostly steel products such as coils pipes sheet metals are our main target of our business. MOL is providing this service in Asian Waters but we are not active in this region now.

MOL Project & Heavy Cargo (MOLPHC)

In 2015, the MOL Group set up an integrated brand, MOL Project & Heavy Cargo (PHC), to meet the increasing needs for heavy and oversized cargo transport. We provide door-to-door services with optimum transport using a wide range of types of vessels, as well as vanning, coastal and inland transport, customs clearance, and installation of equipment.

A major shipping company for steel transportation in Japan

MOL is a major shipping company for steel transportation in Japan, and MOL Drybulk, a subsidiary of MOL, transports steel and general cargo in a diverse fleet from Panamax class to small multipurpose vessels. In particular, in the Asian waters, we are one of the largest multipurpose ship operators, operating 9K to 17K multipurpose ships and 19K to 28K single bulk carriers.

As the leading shipping line for steel transportation, MOL adopted the new system for reducing damage from the temperature difference with the open air dew point of the port of unloading by blowing warm air into the hold of the freighter and raising the surface temperature of the steel. This prevents the condensation (occurrence of saturated water vapor, adherence of water droplets) that occurs after releasing the hatch cover.

This system has been supported by Japanese Steel Makers who exports high qualified HRC etc. MOL are trying to improve the transportation quality as the leading line of Steel Transportation.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

Turkey is one of the world's largest exporting countries in the world and the steel products are mainly exported to short sea region like Mediterranean countries. We are transporting steel products in Asian waters and I would like to bring our competitive fleet from Asian waters and start Multi-Purpose Shipping service in Mediterranean waters. In future, we would like to expand our navigating area from Black Sea/East Mediterranean to North Europe/West Africa. Based on this service, we will promote "MOL Project & Heavy Cargo (MOLPHC)" activities in this region, and the business area will be the whole of Africa, such cargo with land transportation / warehousing / port management as well as shipping. Now we are planning to start coastal service by the small bulker in Black Sea and East Mediterranean in the near future. We look forward to announcing the launching new service soon.

We are looking forward to announce the launching new service soon.

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