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Posted on Aug 10th by Furkan Karaca

Preventive measures that’s been taken against plastic use in our Office

Separate Recycling Waste cloth-bag

While our planet is facing problems such as global warming, melting glaciers, etc. that cannot be ignored, we must do our best to fight these problems that we have created ourselves.

Separate bins for different kind of waste, which is not very common in Turkey, is of great importance in terms of recycling. You can contribute to recycling in small but effective ways at home and in the office.

As MOL Turkey, we want to realize the following goals within the framework of the recycling project we have started in our offices.

  1. Reducing the use of plastic
    • Instead of plastic bags, using fabric bags can use continuously
    • Minimizing the purchase of plastic bottles
    • Using thermos and glass bottles etc.

  2. Contributing to recycling
    • Sorting bins into different categories (glass, metal, plastic, paper)

In this project, which we started with the hope that every individual will take on this responsibility and recognize it as a duty, we encourage you to contribute to putting an end to this war we are in with nature. Because if we win this war, we will lose.