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Travel to Japan

MOL Group has the travel agent “MO Tourist” and we can support for your visit to Japan to arrange what you need and coordinate whole schedule in both official and private case.

MOL Group has the biggest network of Ferry in Japan.. Each ferry companies have already replaced to newly built ship recently and our Ferries are not the cheap means of transportation, the ferry is the new means of accommodation and transportation and the travel by ferry will give the chance to find another charms of Japan.

How about the tour including Ferry in your plan? When you have a plan to go to Japan, please let us know!

Travel from Japan

MOL Turkey can manage anything you needed for the visitors from Japan to Turkey. We can manage the contact and coordination with visitors in Japan before tour and the coordinating with Turkish Customers too. We will follow the requirements of the Customers.

MO Tourist:

Ferry Sunflower (West Japan : Kansai - Kyushu):

MOL Ferry (East Japan : Kanto - Hokkaido):

City Line (West Japan : Kansai - Kyushu):

Sunflower Sapporo Ferry

Sunflower Sapporo Ferry