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MOL Project Heavy Cargo

Logistic Service / Project & Heavy Cargo – MOL Project Heavy Cargo


Project cargo transportation includes the transport of heavy and outsized components requires strict time management and various related work coordination. MOL Group has a several companies who handles Project & Heavy cargoes, but any companies cannot handle whole projects. In 2015, MOL organized the team of MOL group’s companies who handles Projects & Heavy Cargoes. 'MOL Project & Heavy Cargo (MOLPHC)' as a unified brand that includes our heavyweight and oversized cargo transport operations and provide one-stop services which includes transport, coastal and land transport, customs clearance, assembly, and installation.

“MOL Kinkai” operates the Multi-Purpose vessels with Heavy Cranes, “MOL ACE” operates RORO vessels which can manage heavy units by Mafi trailers etc., “Utoc” handles and transport of Project and Heavy units on shore, “MOL Logistics” can coordinate the total procedures including Container and Air transportation.

MOLPHC Service is strong in Asian Region but at present the activity is not strong in this region, MOL Turkey will be the main body for promoting MOLPHC activity by the new shipping service in near future and the cooperation with partners in this region.

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