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General Cargo / Steel Products

Logistic Service / General Cargo / Steel Products


General cargoes such as steels, coils, pipes, construction machinery, construction materials are mostly in this class. Depending on the size and handling specifications we carry them by bulk carriers, MPP (multipurpose vessels), RORO or container. Land logistics are designed with special trucks for each item and lashed for safety measures.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

Turkiye is the 8th biggest steel producing country and has been increasing the export of steel products to the world and has also started to export high quality products, too. In this situation, MOL Turkey would like to bring the high quality shipping services which MOL is providing to the steel makers in Japan to this region. Against the background of mass steel production, many products using steel become the major export items from Turkey like machinery, automobile, materials of wind turbine etc. In addition, Turkish construction companies are very active in foreign markets and they bring many construction materials include steel products.

MOL Turkey want to support these activities with supplying the high quality shipping service to Customers. We are very happy to discuss with the customers about how to improve their logistics of Steel Products, General Cargoes by our high quality fleets and network.

Steel Transportation in Container - MOL COILPORTER®

MOL announced the joint development of the MOL COILPORTER®-an innovative new way to steel coils during container transport-along with MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd.

The MOL COILPORTER® is the new cradle used to lash steel coils, an essential material for automobile manufacturing and other industries, to ensure safer containerized transport.

Assembly/Loading is about 3 minutes per set even with inexperienced workers. The cargo can be pushed into the container for loading, and no special equipment is required. Disassembly/Unloading is easy to dismantle with assembly kit. The cargo can be pulled out for unloading, and no special equipment is required. High resiliency reduces risk of cargo damage. Reusable and recyclable, ensuring more effective use of resources.

MOL will offer new value in containerized steel coil transport through MOL COILPORTER® and continually develops logistics products that offer stress-free services to customers.

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