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Demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is growing all over the world as an environment-friendly clean energy. MOL first participated in an LNG transport project in 1983. Ten years later, as a representative of a Japanese consortium, we played a key role in the conclusion of the largest LNG transport of the 20th century, the Qatar Project, moving 6 million tons of LNG annually from the Middle East to Japan. After having many experiences of LNG projects, in 2014, MOL also announced plans to participate in the Yamal LNG project in Russia, using Artic Ocean routes. In 2018, MOL has started to operate the first LNG carrier in the world, which has independent ice-breaking capabilities enabling them to sail in seas with ice up to 2.1 m thick. The vessel transport LNG from the Yamal LNG plant at Sabetta on Russia’s Yamal Peninsula to worldwide LNG markets throughout the year. Then entered the Ethanol Transport business, forming a strategic tie-up with Reliance Industries Limited of India to operate the world’s first large-scale Liquefied Ethane Carrier. We are always in the vanguard of new developments in energy transport, and our ongoing fleet development and uncompromising approach to safety help us maintain our global leadership in the ownership, management, and operation of LNG carriers.

Now MOL has been the world biggest LNG Transporting Company and operates 95 LNG and Ethanol Carriers in the world.

Recently, MOL has started the domestic transportation of LNG in Indonesia, we would like to expand such LNG Distributing Business by Small LNG Carrier/Containers/Trailers and Off-Shore Businesses which introduce later.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

MOL takes part in 2 LNG related business in Turkey, one is FSRU for BOTAS, LNG to Powership Project with KARADENIZ. LNG is MOL’s main business now and Turkey imports big volume of LNG. For more economic growth, reliable source of energy is needed and LNG is one of them, MOL Turkey also hopes to take part in transport business of LNG, for example, LNG can be used for Power Plant instead of Pipeline Gas, Distribution of LNG to other market etc. MOL Turkey would like to discuss more business related LNG with you.

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