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Posted on July 26th by Satoshi Katada

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

shinzo abe

We received condolence emails from many people. I feel his great presence overseas. In Japan, the merits and demerits of his policy are talked about.

I can't say that everything he did was great, but I'm glad he was prime minister for a long time.

Previously, when I was working in India, the Democratic Party of Japan was in power, but because the prime minister changes frequently, I was often asked, "Who is the prime minister of Japan?" In such a situation, it was difficult to deal with overseas projects, and it was a very unfortunate era. In that respect, I think he was a very wonderful prime minister in that he actively worked on overseas projects.

Prime Minister Suga had a short term, but I would like Prime Minister Kishida to sit down for a long time and tackle diplomatic issues.

This time, the funeral of former Prime Minister Abe has been decided as a state funeral. In the case of a state funeral, many foreign dignitaries are expected to come.

As the tragedy in Ukraine continues, Prime Minister Kishida immediately has a big homework on how to deal with Russia and China.