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Road / Rail Transportation

Logistic Service / Road / Rail Transportation


Road Transportation has a wide range of specialties. Since each logistics company has different fields and regions of expertise, MOL Turkey choose the proper logistics company in Turkiye in line with customer requirements together with the world-wide network of MOL Logistics..

We listen to customers' requests and provide sufficient support not only for Turkiye but also for logistics from Turkiye to Europe. MOL Logistics have the knowledge of handling to/from Europe shipments and cover the whole of Europe including Eastern Europe and Russia.

MOL Turkey’s Ambition

In Turkiye Land Transportation is the most important part and Rail Transportation is not so popular, but MOL Turkey intend to use Rail and Sea Route like RORO service as much as possible with hearing the Customers’ requests. Of course, Land Transportation by Truck/Trailer is also important for realizing the flexibility. MOL Turkey will be your Logistics Division and solve your Logistics requirements.

Other Logistic Services