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Positive PCR Test Result

Posted on February 11 by Satoshi Katada

I was supposed to be in Cairo, Egypt from yesterday. Visiting of Cairo for the first time in more than two years, and almost all of representatives of Japanese companies there have also changed, and the acquaintance has completely disappeared. These 2 years I could not visit the countries which I am in charge, and I have decided to visit as many countries as I could this year, but I didn't expect the PCR test to be positive. I felt that sputum was a little entangled, but I didn't have any fever and I didn't feel any pain. I probably didn't know that I was infected if I didn't do PCR test.

I thought when I was infected, but at the beginning of Corona, the power of the virus was too strong and it caused a fatal disease, but when the infected person weakens or dies, the virus will not prosper in the end. However, this type of infection now is at a level where it is unknown from whom or who was infected. That is why this virus are prospering. Also, Everyone is afraid just to hear the name of Covid, but when I look at my symptoms, it feels easier than a normal cold. If this type was the first epidemic, it might have been an illness that could not be dealt with like this. Although I have no symptoms, I am isolated for 7 days and can return to normal life after 7 days without any confirmation by PCR. Today on the 5th day, I take a PCR test, but if it is negative, I can return to normal activity on the same day.

In Turkey, nearly 100,000 new positives occur every day, and although masks are compulsory in public places, people's lives are normal, and everyone is having a good time. Compared to that, the situation in Japan, my home country, is at a level that It is not worthy of evaluation when viewed from the outside of Japan. In Japan, only risks are emphasized, and it even feels like the crisis is being fueled. The weakness of Japan in an emergency is outstanding. The coverage of Turkey in Japan is all about severe inflation and the economic crisis. However, there is much to be learned from Turkey this time. I don't think Japan will move by writing something like this, but I feel that it's useless if I don't give a little bit of a whisper. I will finish writing the first one here, but for the time being I would like to serialize the wonderfulness of Turkey that I felt during this corona period on my blog.