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10th November

Posted on November 17 by Satoshi Katada

10th November, it is the most important day for Turkish people.It's been five years since I came to Turkey this year, and I was surprised at the day of the first year. I happened to be on the subway, but the subway did not move for a while, and all the passengers who were sitting stood up and remained silent. I didn't know that 10th November is what kind of day at that time, but I was really surprised that Kemal Ataturk was so loved by the people. From next year, I haven't inked any schedule for the morning of this day and am attending the ceremony at the port of Kadikoy. Of course, I attended the ceremony this year,too. When the time came, I thought it was really wonderful to see the sirens ringing, the ship whistling, the car stopping, and getting off and silent.

About Kemal Ataturk, I had a small knowledge that he is the creator of the Republic of Turkey, but after I came to Turkey, iI got to know that he made so many major reforms in a very short period of time and he devoted himself to the nation without any selfishness. He is the one I admire most now, and without him, Turkey wouldn't be as prosperous as it is now, and I wouldn't have worked here.

I am also happy that Japan has had a some influence on this reform by Kemal Ataturk. After Japan opened its country to the Western Countries, it realized that there was a huge difference in military and economy power and Japan promoted rapid westernization and industrialization, and became a powerful country alongside Western countries in a short period of time, and finally Japan won the war against Russia which was the country Osman Turk could not beat. I have heard that this story gave influence for the reform by him. However, in Japan, many people involved in this reform. but I think it's really amazing to have done it by one person. I would like to pray here on this day next year as well.