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Visiting MOL PCTC in Turkish Shipyard

Posted on September 23 by Satoshi Katada

I visited MOL's PCTC "Iris Ace" which is docked at Besiktas Shipyard in Turkey for regular inspection. PCTC is the most familiar ship for me because Car Transportation Business is the longest in my MOL's career so far. Turkey has been one of most important countries for shipping industry.

Turkey does not impose long-term quarantine or behavioral restrictions on foreign visitors like other countries like Japan, China. In addition, Turkish Airlines maintains many routes in the Corona period. These are making Turkey that is drawing attention for seafarer changes, which is a major problem for shipping companies.

In addition, there are many shipyards like Besiktas, and they are very good for Repair & Maintenance and Shipyards in other countries are dependent on workers from abroad, causing a labor shortage, but Turkey has no such problems because almost all its staff are Turkish, and quality, technic are also at a high level. The Turkish maritime industry may not be well known to Japanese shipowners, but I would like to see more use of Turkey. I would also like to do my best to introduce the Turkish maritime industry.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to Mr.Saras Tewari, Manager, MOL Ship Management (Singapore) for attending my visit.