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Posted on 2023, May 30th by Satoshi Katada

Meeting with Commercial Counsellor of Turkish Embassy

Meeting with Commercial Counsellor of Turkish Embassy

During my stay in Japan, I visited Ms.Guzide Zeynep Karahisarli/Commercial Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Japan.

I apologize for the cancellation of attending to Bari Ship which is the biggest maritime exhibition in Japan, which is currently being held in Imabari, due to the big earthquake in Türkiye, as I had asked for support when the Turkish maritime industry participated in Bari Ship.

At Sea Japan, which is the another biggest maritime exhibition and which will be held in Tokyo next year, we would like to work on it again and asked for the support of Turkish Embassy. She kindly agreed to support us. Next time, we would like to come with many companies from the Turkish maritime industry and contribute to the promotion of exchanges between the Japanese and Turkish maritime industries. I also explained the business of supplying overseas human resources to Japan ( , which we are focusing on.

Although our company's business mainly consists of dispatching Filipinos who have a proven track record in supplying seafarers, I feel that cooperation with Türkiye is particularly feasible in areas such as construction and shipbuilding, where there is a shortage of technical workers.

I would like to ask for the support for cooperation in such projects with Türkiye. I told her that I would like to continue to do my best to promote exchanges in various fields, not just the economy of Japan and Türkiye. She asked me to cooperate with projects related to investment promotion in Türkiye, which they have not been able to do during the corona period. Having many Japanese companies expand into Türkiye is a good thing for the Japanese community residing in Türkiye, and I told her that I will do whatever I can to help. Thank you for allowing time for meeting me.