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Posted on 2023, May 9th by Durna Yıldırım

Offshore Wind Power Projects

Ships will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of renewable energy

Japan, being a country surrounded by the ocean, holds great expectations for offshore wind power. Despite limited land availability, offshore deployment enables large-scale renewable energy generation. Nevertheless, accessing offshore facilities is challenging, and workers face difficulties returning to land. Maintenance is also complicated by natural elements such as waves and currents.

Offshore Wind Power Projects

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) is a valuable shipping company that specializes in supporting maintenance work on offshore wind farms. They have deployed the TSS Pioneer, the first Service Operation Vessel (SOV) in Asia, to an offshore wind farm off Taiwan's coast operated by Ørsted. The TSS Pioneer is equipped with technician cabins, a cafeteria serving healthy meals, and a spacious gym to ensure comfort during extended stays at sea. MOL prioritizes both functionality and well-being, going beyond providing basic accommodation.

The TSS Pioneer, operated by MOL, employs advanced technology and expertise to safely transfer technicians and materials to offshore wind turbines. Equipped with vibration-reducing features and a dynamic positioning system, it ensures efficient operations at sea.

MOL recognizes the importance of human involvement and technician comfort in offshore wind farm maintenance. They understand that sustainability extends beyond construction, emphasizing the need to ensure long-term availability. With a forward-looking approach, MOL strives to unlock the ocean's potential and contribute to a stable supply of renewable energy, fostering a truly sustainable world.