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Posted on 2023, Apr 18th by Satoshi Katada

Visit to Tunisia after TICAD8

I visited Tunisia for the first time since my visit at TICAD8. I also met with Ambassador Osuga, who has been appointed since TICAD. I explained that our company;MOL is aiming to become an infrastructure company with shipping as our core business and considering the utilization of North Africa in the production of green methanol, etc.

Ambassador Osuga told me about the views on the role of Tunisia in Africa and the Maghreb region and also told the situation of Enfida, an economic development zone where a large-scale port development is planned, which I also visited last year, and we exchanged opinions.

Despite having a sizeable airport, Enfida is mostly vacant land around it, and the planned port is still completely beached. Since there is an airport, it was thought that if there was a seaport, it would be possible to attract industries.

At present, it may be difficult for the government to develop a port, but if the development of a port by the introduction of foreign capital and the development of a production base for renewable energy in the hinterland area, it is believed that the utilization of the ports that will be built in the future will be actively used.

I would like to make an effort to be able to do something in Tunisia, where I had a good relationship by TICAD8.