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Posted on 2023, Jan 24th by Satoshi Katada

Den Hartogh Visit

MOL Turkey Den Hartogh Den Hartogh Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş. General Manager Kerem Z. Gürler and MOL Turkey General Director Satoshi Katada

Den Hartogh is a logistics company of Netherlands with a long history of logistics of liquids such as chemicals. They own and operate a large number of tank containers and lorries.

MOL Chemical Tanker, a member of the MOL Group, has made a capital participation in the company with the goal of strengthening the total logistics of liquid cargo, including not only transportation by tanker but also transportation such as tank containers.

In Turkey, Mr.Kerem Gurler, whom I met this time, established a local subsidiary in Turkey in 2009, and operates transportation, storage and filling bases. There are many chemical companies in Turkey, and the need for tank containers and tank trailers is high.

Major Japanese paint manufacturers are also investing in the company of Turkey, and it seems that there is a need for tank containers, etc., and we decided to consider business development utilizing the strengths of Den Hartogh.