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Posted on 2023, Jan 11th by Durna Özkaya

Wind Power Energy Business of MOL

Wind Power Energy

Wind power energy is the process of generating electricity using the wind. It is a clean and renewable source of energy that can be harnessed using wind turbines. The wind turns the blades of the turbine, which is connected to a generator. As the blades turn, the generator produces electricity that can be used to power homes, businesses, and other facilities. Wind power is a popular source of energy because it does not produce any greenhouse gases or other pollutants, and it is widely available in many parts of the world.

Contributing to Offshore Wind Power Value Chains

The MOL Group will develop and drive new "environment and emission free businesses" and strive to make them core operations in the next generation. We promote various projects using wind energy, in addition to offering a range of services in the value chains of offshore wind power.

  • Pre-construction marine consulting services for offshore wind power generation systems
  • Ocean transport offshore wind power plant parts and construction materials.
  • Installation of Offshore Wind Power Generation Systems
  • Vessel to Transport Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Technicians
  • O&M Human Resources Development and Supply
  • Development of O&M and Terminal Ports
  • Use of Offshore Wind Energy

MOL launched the "Wind Challenger Project" in 2018. We have developed a hard sail system that converts wind energy to propulsive force with a telescopic hard sail as the fundamental technology of the project. In 2020, we signed a transport contract using the world's first coal carrier equipped with hard sail wind power propulsion system. Furthermore, in 2020 we started the Wind Hunter Project, the ultimate zero emission driving project, which combines wind propulsion sailing technology and wind energy converted to electricity to generate a stable supply of hydrogen.