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Posted on 2022, Nov 25th by Durna Özkaya

Do you know what is the Japan Road Safety Campaign?

MOL Turkey Japan Road Safety Campaign MOL Turkey Japan Road Safety Campaign

In Japan, a National Road Safety Campaign(全国交通安全運動) has been held twice a year - in spring and autumn - since 1952.

So why is such a campaign being held?

After the Second World War, the rate of traffic accidents in Japan began to increase. National Road Safety Campaigns aim to decrease road accidents by spreading the concept of traffic safety widely among the public, to gain the habit of obeying traffic rules and practicing correct traffic manners.

In other words, National Road Safety Campaigns aim to eliminate traffic accidents and raise awareness and habituation of the public to obey traffic rules and improve the traffic environment.

Road Safety Campaigns are community-based initiatives run by local governments, police and local road safety volunteer groups across Japan.

I also participated in Road Safety Campaign when I lived in Kushimoto-Cho, Wakayama Prefecture and I had the honor of serving as chief of police for a day at the Kushimoto-Cho Police Station. It was a really wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Every year, more than one million people die in traffic accidents and millions more are seriously injured. Please follow traffic rules and drive carefully!

To a beatiful world without car crashes!