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Posted on 2023, Nov 3rd by Yankı Nagisa Akkuş

MM EMPOWER & Global Human Resource Consulting Services

Approximately 95% of onboard crew at Mitsui O.S.K. Lines have non-Japanese citizenship. Among them, Filipino crew members historically form the core due to their excellent English communication ability. Based on experiences in training Filipino seafarers, MM EMPOWER provide global human resource consulting services including recruitment and education in a wide range of industries other than seafarers.

Training and Placement of International Talent

For many years, MOL have been committed to the education and training of seafarers in the Philippines in order to secure personnel for stable business continuity and to provide ongoing education to maintain a certain skill level essential for safe operations.

Utilizing these experiences and knowledge acquired from training seafarers, MM EMPOWER provide global resource consulting services in a wide range of industries for companies that are facing human resource shortages in fields other than seafarers.

MM EMPOWER & Global Human Resource Consulting Services  MOL Turkey

Our Partner, Magsaysay

The Magsaysay Group is our partner in the Philippines and we have been collaborating on a variety of projects including establishing a crew training facility in 1993 and founding and operating our own mercantile marine college in 2018. Crew who have been trained in our partnership support the high standard of safety in our vessel operation.

Furthermore, the Magsaysay Group is active as an employment agency in fields other than seafarer. The company has one of the best track records in the Philippines in terms of human resource training and sending to countries around the world.

Suggest Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

For companies looking to newly hire or expand international talent, MM EMPOWER provide services to identify your human resources needs, to train them at the Philippines and to send them out to you in conjunction with the Magsaysay Group.

Starting with the identification of issues, we conduct careful interviews to determine details such as the characteristics of the human resources needed, the training to be conducted before entering Japan, the time of acceptance, and the number of trainees. We also coordinate and support the entire process to create the best plan for the trainees and the client company.

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