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Posted on 2023, Oct 17th by Satoshi Katada

Visiting Egypt for Hydrogen and Green Energy study

Visiting Egypt for Hydrogen and Green Energy study MOL Turkey

September was quite a busy month for me and I was not able to write a blog, so this is a little bit old news, but at the end of September, I participated in the JETRO-sponsored mission to Egypt for hydrogen and renewable energies.

The mission included a matching event with Egyptian companies in Cairo, a visit to New Cairo where administrative functions will be relocated and meetings with relevant ministries, and a visit to the Suez SCZ and Ain Sokhna.

At the matching event and at the Suez Special Zone, I made presentations, introducing our zero-emissions initiatives by 2050, power generation ships, waste collection ships, and desalination ships.

In the matching process, I was able to make acquaintances with many Egyptian companies. I had not yet been to New Cairo, where the capital functions are being relocated, and was surprised at the scale of the project. It was also good to be able to visit energy-related ministries.

I was surprised to hear that 14 production projects, including green ammonia, are underway in the Suez SCZ. Maersk Line, a major container shipping company, was also setting up a company here to produce green methanol for marine fuel. Considering the characteristics of the Suez Strait entrance and exit, it seemed logical to produce next-generation marine fuels in the Suez Special Zone.